Nautilium: the biomaterial that comes from the sea

An alliance for the production of a bio-inspired material, within an eco-responsible and virtuous industrial framework.

In March 2022, after several years of joint research and development, five companies from the west region of France joined forces to produce a bio-inspired, environmentally friendly material: Nautilium. The complementary nature of our companies and our proven expertise in green biotechnology mean that these 5 companies in the Grand Ouest region—Polymaris Biotechnology, Elixance, Europlastiques, Séché Environnement and Olga (formerly Triballat Noyal)—can offer an alternative material to conventional biomaterials used in the manufacture of packaging, technical and medical parts, etc.


Biosourced and renewable material


Biodegradable in the natural environment


Biotechnology and green extraction


Local production in a short GMO-free circuit

A virtuous circle as part of a circular economy

Produced in a short circuit in Brittany, Nautilium is a natural material obtained through fermentation, and entirely biodegradable, both on land and in the sea. Nautilium is an alternative to petro-sourced materials, as it has similar physical properties to the latter and can be transformed using a variety of processes.

As part of a continuous process of optimization and innovation, the consortium is developing partnerships to produce Nautilium objects as part of projects that reflect its values: using a material and technology that have no harmful impact

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