Developing the materials of tomorrow
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Our expertise: Creating eco-friendly materials

We are involved in a wide variety of projects combining the circular economy and the use of co-products. We offer the following ranges:

The Elixbio range reflects our expertise in developing biomaterials based on biosourced, biodegradable polymers and plant substances (algae, coffee grounds, flax, etc.).

The Sphera range combines recycled thermoplastics and renewable fillers to recycle by-products (fishing nets, shellfish scraps, etc.) and create an eco-responsible identity.

The environment is at the heart of our concerns. Offering eco-responsible, reliable and nature-friendly alternatives is our priority.

Our biomaterials and bioplastics


Our bio-based materials

Biosourced polymers can provide an alternative response to certain environmental and economic challenges.


Our biodegradable materials

Our biodegradable materials have accelerated decomposition kinetics to meet current biodegradability standards.


Our recycled materials

We offer a range of solutions to restore the performance of recycled materials and give them a second life.


Commitments and a philosophy consistent with today’s challenges

Our eco-friendly materials aim to reduce the environmental impact of your products. Our materials are made from polymers that can be recycled, or are biodegradable or biosourced. Incorporating post-consumer or post-industrial co-products into our materials means we can consume fewer resources while recovering organic, mineral or industrial waste.


Thanks to our experience, our research and innovation department, our expertise and our equipment, we are able to develop new materials based on the properties required by your applications.


Our commitments:

An approach that promotes the circular economy while encouraging production in collaboration with local economic players.

The fibres and natural fillers used in our ranges come from renewable resources and are GMO-free.