At Elixance we have strong values that are shared by everyone.

CREA : Creativity Rigour Expertise Agility

# We are curious

We love to innovate, create, formulate and develop materials that are ever more innovative and in tune with today’s environmental challenges. Innovation and curiosity are deeply rooted in our values and are part of what sets us apart.


#We Are Rigorous

Rigour is an essential part of our values. We work hard every day to deliver products and services that meet quality standards and deadlines. We optimize resources and perfect processes through our continuous improvement approach.


#We Have Cutting-edge expertise

Chemists first and foremost, we have been formulating the materials of tomorrow for over 20 years. Thanks to our experienced, multidisciplinary team, we can meet our customers’ needs by offering them innovative products that meet their specifications.


# We Are Agile

As a company on a human scale, we are constantly adapting to an ever-changing market. Agility also means offering our customers services with responsiveness and enthusiasm. We believe that, above all, a project is a human encounter, with shared listening and mutual trust.