Colour masterbatches with effects

The possible effects are manifold, adding a touch of originality and artistry to any product. An essential means of differentiation.



Tailor-made effects in the form of master batches. Original effects to match your product’s identity.


Unique effects

Give your product a unique and attractive look with a variety of effects: pearlescent, metallic, fluorescent, phosphorescent, thermochromic, etc.



It is possible to combine colour and effects master batches with functional additives (anti-UV, flame-retardant tracers…) for aesthetic and functional combinations.

“The most beautiful colour in the world is the one that suits you”.

Tailor-made effects

Pearlescent effects


Pearlescent master batches contain special pigments capable of creating an iridescent look and reflect light.


Glitter effects


Glitter effects are concentrates of metallized pigments that can be used to create original and attractive visual effects on thermoplastic products.

Marble effects


Marble effects are achieved using master batches that contain pigments of different sizes and shapes to create contrasts in both colour and shine.

Metallic effects


Metallic effects created to give your thermoplastic objects an aesthetic appearance similar to that of silver, gold, copper or bronze.

Phosphorescent effects


Designed with specific pigments, the material continues to emit light in the dark. Several shades are available.

Dichroic effects


For an original visual impact, this effect gives optical property by reflecting light differently depending on the angle of vision.


From effects to object

Our master batches can be used to create visual effects on plastics. These include metallic, pearlescent, fluorescent, phosphorescent, thermochromic, photochromic or holographic effects.

Colour master batches with effects offer a wide range of possibilities for customizing and differentiating plastic products, while complying with the sector’s technical and regulatory requirements.

They are suitable for various transformation processes, such as injection, extrusion or blow moulding, and are available in a wide range of grades and formulations, depending on your needs.

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