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Additives to give plastics a function

We incorporate additives into the materials to give them a function, optimize their use and protect them.

There is a wide variety of additives: tracers, antibacterial agents, UV stabilizers, etc. They can improve the performance of your products in many areas. These compounds have a considerable impact on the durability of your products, whether during the manufacturing process, storage or use.

Flame Retardant

flame retardant

Plastics are omnipresent in most sectors of activity. In some of them, adding fire-retardant properties to avoid the risk of fire has become a necessity.



Antibacterials prevent the growth and proliferation of bacteria on thermoplastic objects. They are often used in the medical and food sectors to prevent bacterial contamination.


UV protection

uv ptotection

When exposed outdoors, polymers naturally degrade. By protecting the material with specific stabilizers, its UV resistance can be extended by several years.


Taggants in the form of pigments are incorporated into the polymer matrix to enable the material to be traced. They are used for a variety of applications, including security, anti-counterfeiting and recycling.

Energy Dissipater

static dissipator

Static electricity is an accumulation of electrical charges on materials with low conductivity and high surface resistance. The accumulated electrical charges cause spark discharges that prevent the use of plastic products.

Laser Marking

laser marking

Our additives are specifically designed to improve the laser marking of thermoplastic parts. We offer solutions to ensure high marking contrast whatever the polymeric matrix or the colour of your part.