Colour as a differentiator
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Tailor-made masterbatches

Customized colours and effects

Elixance has been formulating and developing colour concentrates for over 20 years. Colour masterbatches are concentrates of pigments or dyes dispersed in a polymer matrix. They can be used to colour plastics, giving them aesthetic and functional properties.

Colour is a vector of emotion, a factor when purchasing: an element of recognition or a decisive criterion of choice, colour is a significant factor that leaves no one indifferent.

Thanks to our colour laboratory and its experienced colourists, we can meet your needs in terms of colour master batches, effects masterbatches and detectable black masterbatches.80% of consumers believe that colour helps brand awareness

% of consumers believe that color enhances brand awareness
% of consumers say colour is a purchase driver
%of consumers recognize a brand by its colour

Custom-made products:

Colour on demand


Taking charge of the ask

Our sales team will support you from the formulation of your needs to the delivery of your order.


Study of the specifications

We study your specifications carefully to offer you the right solutions for your applications.


Achieving colour development

We will send you a sample of the colour you have requested so that you can carry out tests and make a final decision on the shade.


Producing the masterbatch

Masterbatches are produced at our production site in Elven. Our product is ISO 9001 certified, with quality an integral part of our processes.


Experienced colourists to meet your need

Our team is made up of professional colourists who have mastered the art of colour and its effects. They formulate and create tailor-made masterbatches from mixtures of pigments and additives. Our expertise: meeting your requirements in terms of tint, intensity, opacity and required characteristics, with the best quality/price ratio.

Colour is an essential element in the design and manufacture of your products. It differentiates, showcases, communicates and creates emotions.

We offer a complete range of master batches, suitable for all types of polymers and transformation processes (injection, extrusion, blow moulding, thermoforming, etc.).