R&D services

Our aim is to help you develop new concepts and solutions for materials based on polymers, additives and pigments. We have an in-house laboratory for developing and characterizing custom formulas.

Proof of Concept

We carry out proofs of concepts to validate the technical or industrial interest of research and innovation projects. This is an intermediate stage that paves the way for more in-depth experiments or more advanced developments.


Our characterization equipment enables us to carry out thermogravimetric analyses, infrared spectroscopy, UV accelerated ageing, density measurements using helium pycnometry, etc. We can therefore assess and characterize thermoplastic materials according to the requirements of your applications.


Create added value by pooling skills and resources to meet market needs and societal challenges. Create a partnership based on mutual trust to develop innovative products.

Integrated laboratory


Specialists and equipment for analysis and characterization

A 1000 m2 IR&D laboratory with a pilot extrusion line and injection moulding machines.

Expertise and know-how in formulation, characterization and implementation:

  • Colours, additives, polymers
  • A team of 5 to 6 people
  • Experts in  materials/chemistry/biotechnology/processes
  • Partnerships with research centres and certified laboratories
  • Characterization and analysis equipment: mechanical properties, spectrometry, thermogravimetric analysis, etc.

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Nautilium: biomaterial from the sea

In March 2022, after several years of joint research and development, five industrialists from Western France—Polymaris Biotechnology, Elixance, Europlastiques, Séché Environnement and Olga (formerly Triballat Noyal)—joined forces to produce a bio-inspired, environmentally friendly material: Nautilium.


Resources and webinars

elixance Webinaires et articles techniques which it shares its expertise on technical subjects such as anti-UV, anti-bacterial, biomaterials and low environmental impact materials. Color &