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In this webinar, Elixance shared its knowledge of the degradation of polymers in the face of external aggression and their protection. With over 20 years’ experience, Elixance develops anti-UV formulations for various sectors.

Polymers used in outdoor applications are exposed to UV radiation from the sun, which provides the energy needed to oxidize the material. This degradation affects the colour of a product, changing it. To maintain the intensity of your colours over time, anti-UV formulations are available. These formulations rely on the action of UV absorbers, which dissipate the energy of the sun’s rays in the form of heat, and HALS, which transform the reactive compounds responsible for degrading the material into stable compounds.


Understand the processes and phenomena of photo-deterioration in order to gain a better understanding of the solutions available.

Finding solutions

Find the solutions best suited to your processes and applications, in compliance with REACH legislation.

Experimental study

Transparent analysis of the results of our experimental study to help you make an informed choice when studying anti-UV solutions.


The photodegradation process for polymers

Thermal oxidation of polymers leads to the formation of highly reactive compounds and a reduction in chain size. This phenomenon is notably responsible for the yellowing of the material.


Protecting Polymers From UV

Solutions exist to protect products from damage caused by exposure to the elements. Solutions are proposed according to the standards linked to the applications.


Assessment of UV performance

One month’s exposure in the accelerated UV ageing chamber simulates the performance of anti-UV formulations after one year’s real outdoor exposure.

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